Enjoy Surcharge-Free ATMs Nationwide.

Get the cash you need, and never pay a surcharge fee!  It’s easy – just use your ATM and/or debit card from American Bank at any of the 25,000+ money-saving MoneyPass® ATMs from coast-to-coast.  The MoneyPass® ATM network gives you more convenient choices for accessing your accounts wherever you live, work or travel – and it’s always surcharge-free!  Go to to find a MoneyPass® ATM near you.

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Answers to your most frequently asked questions about MoneyPass®.

What's an ATM surcharge fee?

A surcharge fee is a fee that is charged to cardholders by the owner of an ATM.  Surcharge fees may be as high as $5 per transaction at some ATMs!  You can use your ATM and/or debit card from American Bank at MoneyPass® ATMs to avoid paying that surcharge fee.

How do I know if I can use my ATM and/or debit card from American Bank surcharge-free at MoneyPass® ATMs?

American Bank participates in the MoneyPass® ATM Network for you to have surcharge-free access at MoneyPass ATMs.  You will not be assessed a surcharge fee at any MoneyPass® Network ATM.

Are there MoneyPass® ATMs located outside of the United States?

MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATMs are only found within the United States and Puerto Rico.

To find a MoneyPass® ATM near you visit:

I was charged a fee at an ATM that I believed to be a surcharge-free MoneyPass® ATM. What can I do?

If you use your ATM and/or debit card from American Bank and were charged a fee at a MoneyPass ATM, please contact American Bank.  To expedite the process, it is helpful to have the exact address, date and time of the ATM transaction - this should all be on the ATM receipt - when you contact us.

How can I install the MoneyPass® Locator app on my smart phone?

Click the link on the MoneyPass® home page or visit the Google Play store (for Android devices) or the Apple App store (for Apple devices).  There you can search for MoneyPass and install the application on your phone at no charge.  You can also access the MoneyPass mobile site through your mobile app from American Bank.  Just log-in to your American Bank BD Mobile Banking app, click the More button on the bottom of the screen and tap the MoneyPass tile - this will take you to the MoneyPass mobile site.

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